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So, why a Wedding Film?

Sound and movement.

Photos capture one small moment at a time, while video can capture the whole moment as it is. From the small jokes in the room getting ready, the vows, the toasts your father or mother wiping a tear from their face, or the moment you first kissed as a married couple. Video captures it all, even the moments you don’t see, and it is the closest thing to re-living your wedding day.

YOU are the star and it is YOUR movie.

Although phones have come a long way, so have the tools professional videographers use to create breathtaking emotional films that you could proudly show off to your friends, family, and loved ones. Let us help you tell your story, as beautifully as possible.

No clicks, no flash.

Worry no more about an extra person clicking away, video cameras are silent and nowadays cameras are much smaller and lighter. Our cameras work great even in the dark, so no troubling flash or bright lights. We do our very best to avoid any additional distractions. Your wedding day will be captured the way it was meant to be. 

Ready to get started?
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